Perfect Imperfections

When you are in a crowd of 3600 bloggers, you may be excused for feeling a little insignificant. And you have every right to be. Merkins are loud and fun and in your face and loud and fun.

Taking this on board, I took myself off to a workshop entitled “Your Perfect Imperfections” today which is just about the biggest favour I have ever done for myself……. apart from discovering strawberrynet,  and not taking no for an answer….

The workshop truly made my heart sing.It was about being your authentic self. But even better, I took away from it so much more. Do not write for an audience. Write for yourself.

And I was stressing about this because Eden and I were scheduled to be interviewed for an Australian TV show for a story to be aired on Monday. About blogging. And we will not even be back in Australia to see it. I was freaking while we sat down for lunch. And then this happened….

Eden was chosen as one of 12 out of 3600 attendees to read at the Voices Of the Year presentation which was a big fucking deal. So if she could do that, and chicks could flash mob, and other bloggers could share their stuff ups, I figured I could be featured on George Negus  if I do end up looking like a dickhead? Then I will just watch it later with a glass of wine and celebrate my perfect imperfections.