Review – The All New Ford Focus

I am not quite sure when I became a car blogger,  but I think it was roughly around the time the Mr Woog left the oil cap off the Mazda,  which started a chain of events which has led me down this path.

Sometimes it takes bloggers an age to discover their niche, while sometimes your niche chooses you.

I was approached by Ford to drive their brand spanking new Ford Focus around during my mundane duties. The Ford Focus is marketed as, and I quote…..

Whether it is for heading to the shops, dropping kids at school or taking them to their sporting practice the all-new Ford Focus is the perfect car for savvy, young mums on the go.

Now I am all for being savvy and young, but that horse bolted quite some time ago. But I do drop my kids off to school. And I did so this morning, in the sexy black Ford Focus. 

When the young, funky and crease free Ford PR duo dropped the car off to me,  they were keen to tell me all about the features of this car that made it so special.  They told me proudly that the Ford Focus had 6 airbags.

“Well it has 8 when I get into it!” I told them.

They glanced at each other quickly then told me about other safety features while I sat in the drivers seat and asked where the ignition was. There was no ignition. They pointed to a button on the dash and asked me to press it.

The car sprang to life and the dashboard lit up like a disco.

This concerned me a lot. I told the Gen Y’s that we were not in the habit of locking the Mazda in the vain hope that someone might steal it.  They asked me to make sure we locked this particular car at all times. And then they told me the insurance paperwork would be sent to me straight away.  Simply as a precaution.

They continued to point out features to me,  but the only thing I really heard was “It has legwarmers.”

And I was gutted to find out that they were built into the seats.

They also told me some cock-and-bull story about how it parks itself after identifying a park.  And I was all like “Bullshit! I live in the city and I am an excellent touch parker…” But they were not lying. This car parks by itself.

“Do you find parking difficult? Not anymore! The all-new Focus Titanium comes with a nifty device called Active Park Assist. As the name suggests, it will find the right parallel parking space on your command and then steer your car into the spot while you operate the accelerator and brake, leaving you with the perfect park.”

(And this was true, I tested it and showed anyone who could be bothered to watch. I was like a frickin magician.)

But the main thing I like about the Ford Focus is how young it makes me feel.  It is totally spunky. I usually spend my days driving around listening to talk back radio,  but today I could not find the AM button on the dash,  so I listened to “Young People” music until I found Mix 106 had been programmed in. So I tuned in and got my Madonna on in a big way.

For more information about the New Ford Focus Click here.
And If you would like to book me as the entertainment at your next function, get your hearing checked.
This post was not sponsored. I was given a Ford Focus to drive……. for a bit.