San Diego is like Sydney, but with shittier coffee……

We flew over San Diego and arrived in the Lego plane safely. From the air, San Diego looked a bit like Sydney. And to tell the truth on the ground it feels a bit like Sydney. But with better service and shittier coffee.

We arrived at the Marriott. Eden and I got out of the taxi and I informed the bus boy that we were here to compete in the Miss America Pageant. He looked us up and down and told us “Thank god I am not the judge…” And before you ask? Yes, he got a tip for the giggle.

We walked through the doors and smack bang into a wall of Mommy Bloggers. Like literally. The hotel was massive and the atmosphere was insane. We got installed into our rooms,  kicked our shoes off and breathed. Why were we here again?

Next morning I woke up and did my hair a favour by washing it. It was all sorts of nasty. Eden and I then went and registered for Pathfinder Day, an extra day at BlogHer you could register for if you were really keen on being a kickass blogger. I am keen on being a kickass blogger, but looking at the topics… it just seems so hard….

  • My Blog as a Life Changer
  • My Blog as a Change Agent
  • My Blog as a Business
  • My Blog as a Media Company
  • My Blog as a Book Proposal

I went with Eden to My Blog as a Media Company, only because the panelists were The Pioneer Woman and The Budget Fashionista, two of the most famous bloggers in the world. And they have both turned their blog into books, TV shows and one of them has had their story optioned for a motion picture. From blogging. No shit.

After an hour and a bit of being told what I should and should not do, I got bored. It is hard enough as it is to try and keep up with rules. So I decided to make my own “Pathway” out of there and buy some new converse shoes. I liked listening to their stories. but SEO FYI WTF?

I am going to hedge my bets right now and say WoogsWorld will never be a Media Company.

I later met up with the Aussie Blogher contingency for a debrief. Then we hit the Expo Hall. The Expo Hall was the size of a football field and had over 100 booths from companies flogging their goods and services to the 3600 bloggers attending over the 3 days. I learnt about products you could never dare to imagine to dream of! My favourite was the Bailey’s Coffee Creamer (non alcoholic) to whack into your morning coffee. You think you should be getting drunk on the way to work… but you are not.

A lot of booths were for convenience foods. Foods in tins and cans and sachets and packets. And powders. I am not a fan……

The expo was just too much. And they are all trying to give you stuff, which was great and all but when you are on a luggage restriction, I really needed to be choosy.

In the end, I came home with some pens, some fancy colour pencils, the new range of stuff from Post It, A photo of Eden and I dressed up as pimps, an ice-cream in my belly, an eye mask, a promise that I will review something that will not work in Australia. some anal beads, some facial scrub, some twizzlers, a bracelet made from some Indian Lady Entrepreneurs, some Glad containers, a pink vibrator, two branded USB sticks and a packet of Lays.

Tomorrow is the official start of the conference, and where I will hear the question one hundred times……

“And what do you blog about?”