Selling Out.

“He was never really a respected chef in the first place, so who cares?”

Celebrity Chef Darren Simpson is feeling the barbs tonight in response to his collaboration with takeaway giant KFC. Daz has invented 2 limited edition chicken burgers, and is now accused of being a sell out. And much worse.

”If you read Twitter, he’s destroyed – he’s a laughing stock,”

I know that Darren Simpson would have been paid a motza to put his name to the KFC product and I am sure he was well aware of the backlash that was destined to have surrounded it. His peers are relentless. I think it would send me straight to the KFC drive through.

“Darren Simpson you complete and utter sell-out. KFC? Seriously?”

And of course then, it got me a bit panicked. I mean I have a blog which anyone can read. I am part of a terrific online community which I treasure. I got paid to go to America to attend a conference. I have been told that I am a “sell out” more than once.

Sell out to what?

”Renowned chef’ Darren Simpson partners with KFC to launch Signature Burger Range. Bye Bye career.”

And then I gave myself a virtual slap across the face. My blog is not my career. I gave up my career when my second son was born with special needs. My blog is a hobby. A really good hobby. And as Mr Woog tells me,  it is cheaper than scrap booking. And that is what he calls a WIN WIN situation.

“Darren Simpson, tell me it ain’t so!”

So I worked out that I am not a sell out. I love my cyberspace place. And if I decide to use my ex-marketing brain to have a little adventure and fun here or there,  well that sits well with me to. And I am my own boss. I mean, I am not curing cancer or ending world hunger.

It is just blogging.

And the best bit is, if you do not like what is on your screen,  you can quietly click away without fuss. And that is what I call a WIN WIN.
no boobs were hurt during the writing of this blog post
In this Mega-Marketing age, what constitutes a sell out?