The Unexpected Viral Explosion, now with added hangover……

*Warning. This post may contain some generalisations.

American woman (or the ones at Blogher) dress in one of two ways.  They look like they are about to anchor the national news,  or they are in their best lounge wear. Read tracksuit pants. But they all have one thing in common. They are super duper friendly. Y’all……..

Here at Blogher, you can get your lunch and walk up to a table of bloggers and plonk yourself down.  Within 3 minutes, you know the name,  twitter handle, url, home town and bra size of everyone on the table.

But before that,  you have to work out what sort of eater you are….

You could also be vegetarian or kosher. Or normal.
I am normal (for once). Today I had a full strength Pepsi as I was suffering. Did you know American Hangovers taste just like Australian Hangovers? Exactly the same……
I had something to celebrate! Eden read this blog post in front of the entire conference and bought the house down. A better reason not to have a mohito and 5 wines could not be found.
Today I went to a session called The Unexpected Viral Explosion. It was about 3 bloggers who wrote one post and became Internet superstars. Liz Henry uncovered the hoax that was The Gay Girl in Damascus. The truly charming and inspiring Ashleigh Burrows’s daughter actually wrote the blog post that sent her mum’s blog viral, when her mum was shot, along with Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, at a local meet and greet in Tucson Arizona.
Then I listened to Sarah Manley who writes a blog called Nerdy Apple Bottom. She was responsible for a post where she expresses her lament at the treatment her son received from some of the mum’s at the school for allowing her 5 year old son to dress up as Daphne for Halloween. That particular post really struck a chord with me.  It inspired me to write a blog post called Beautiful,  which is easily my favourite blog post I have ever written.
I called the Woogettes yesterday. I was starting to miss them. Mr Woog said they were being quite a little handful, so then I did not miss them as much. But they both got on the phone and had the same conversation with me. That being that Michael and Kate were in the finals in Masterchef and Alana got eliminated because her gingerbread house was crap.
Seems they were missing me too?
Blogher is coming to an end. There are a slew of parties on tonight and I am going to have a little nap so I can recharge and shimmy with the merkins. On stage. In front of the DJ booth. Hugging strangers and talking shit. Like I did last night…..
Tomorrow, we are heading down Mexico way where I suspect a whole other adventure may unfold. If you get mouthy with the border patrol, you end up in jail. I might take a gag for myself.
It has been wonderful. Ribena you are the (blackcurrent) business. Thanks for sending me. One thousand times thanks.
Me and Sarah Manley. I am thinking “This chick is so cool…” and she is thinking “Man you have wine breath!”