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Last week I went shopping and tried on this dress at Country Road.  It felt great,  fit fine and I loved the pattern.  Then I stepped out of the change room and stood in front of the mirror.  My mates looked at me  and each other, waiting to see who would speak first.

I broke.  But it was not with speech.  It was with squeals of laughter.  Even the shop assistant kind of laughed.  And the only thing I could think of was this…….

I was not a beautiful butterfly!
It reminded me of a couple of years ago when I was given a styling session with a pretty young thing in Surry Hills.  She was one of those consultants who takes all your measurements,  right down to the size of your earlobes, sticks them all in a computer and presses enter.  Then it spits out a report.  I suspect mine read FAIL. She also suggested colours that suited me best.  Which was really helpful. If I wanted to be a Brownie. Would you like beige with your ecru?

I recently found the large folder which pointed out all the styles I needed to avoid,  which included pretty much every garment you could think of.  I was particularly advised to stay away from unitards and boob tubes.  I asked the style girl whether I was meant to get around as nature intended.  She was not quite sure how to take my at the end of the consultation,  and I swear I could hear her breathe a sigh of relief when I left her studio.

I would rather go naked than wear a unitard anyway,  particularly if it is brown.

Fashion. Friend or Foe?