Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy

Not because I went partying at the Viper Room. Jet lag is screwing with me.

Day one in the City of Angels was spent shopping. Naturally. The strength of the Aussie dollar combined with my natural attraction to retail outlets meant it was always going to end well.  We started with lunch to bolster our strength. We were shopping at The Grove and we lunched at The Farm,  where our waiter was as delicious as our salads.

That is the thing about wait staff in LA.  They are all heartbreakingly good looking.  Because they are all the former Prom Kings and Queens from across the country who have made their way to LA to be discovered.  The bus boy at our hotel is a hotter and younger version of Matthew McConaughey and I actually asked our waitress last night whether she had appeared on America’s Next Top Model.  Turns out she had auditioned several times but had not made the cut. A fact that was unbelievable as she was beautiful. Eden asked her whether she was trying out this year,  but turns out 29 is too old to be on ANTM. But she is auditioning for an Adidas commercial today. So we wished her luck and left her a big tip.

Back back to our shopping.

All was going really well until we went into the shop Anthopologie.  And then things went a little blurry.

I had visited Anthopologie online but being there in the flesh does something to a girl. It sells clothes, home wears, shoes, soaps, candles, furniture, lamps and everything in between. It was all my favourite things under one roof and Eden and I started hyperventilating.

Eden was talking to one of the shop assistants when I walked past with an armful of stuff.  The assistant asked me “Do you like our shop as well?” and I basically yelled at her “I fucking love it!” and kept walking.

$5 each? I will take a dozen….

Orange and Navy, my new favourite combo thanks to Styling You.

So Pretty!

Was about to pass out when I saw this

Olive and Pink silk Kaftan. Cried when they told me they had sold out in my size.

I stood in front of this lamp and stared.  I had never had such a strong urge to kiss an electrical item before. Or shoplift. BabyMac this one if for you x

I took a photo of myself in full retail frenzy. I cannot remember taking this…….

I grabbed a handful of pretty door knobs before I realised I had no need for them and put them back.

But you can come back to WoogsWorld with me little purse….

Oh my!
And look what followed me back to the hotel!
Shopping in America is good.  And cheap. And I might do it again today. The only down side was that I was wearing a skirt and it was hot and we walked a lot and for those girls whose thighs touch at the top,  you know what that equals…. fucking chafe.
But that will not stop me.  Today I am going to test the true patience of the staff at Victoria’s Secret.  I hope they are up for the challenge.  This day may well end in tears. Or hysterical laughter. We shall see.