Where in the World is Mr Woog?

Mid life crises in men can manifest themselves in many different ways. Some will buy a sports car, while others will start competing in triathlons. Some men get really into stereo equipment while others will run off with a clueless bit of young fluff.

Mr Woog has built up the ultimate collection of boys toys.

Because, now at the age of 37,  he has decided he wants to either be a pro-surfer or……. a motor bike racer. Like you do.

When you are 9.

Today he is supposed to be at Eastern Creek pretending to be Max Biaggi. He packed himself a little lunch box last night with a thermos. For his big adventure. Like you do.

When you are 9.

But I guess the thing that is puzzling me the most is, his motorbike is still in the garage. Did he forget to take it to motorbike racing school? Like you forget stuff?

When you are 9?

I am having visions of him running around Eastern Creek Raceway (hopefully with a shirt on) making motorbike noises and doing pretend wheelies. Like you do.

When you are 9.

But Mr Woog,  you know they do not call me the World’s Most Patient Wife for nothing.  But your bike is in the garage and you and your mid-life crisis is missing from WoogsWorld,  which can only leave me to beg the question…….

Anyone else dealing with someones mid life crisis at the moment?