Why you should think about coming to Blogher in New York.

I had an interesting question posed to me the other day.

“Would I go to Blogher again if I were not sponsored to do so?”

And the answer? Shit yes!

I would grab Mr Woog’s stand up paddle board and paddle out through the heads of Sydney Harbour with a compass and a bikini. I would keep Jessica Watson company on her little pink boat. I would sell plasma. I would ebay my accessories collection. I would work a few shifts on a sex-phone line service. I would sell the shit out of the ad space on this blog.

I would move to South Australia and spend my days picking up soft drink cans and cashing them in at 5cents a pop. I would train as a Qantas Flight Attendant and then quit as soon as I got to New York. I would enter Masterchef, despite not being able to cook, in the hope that I get into the Top Ten and we get to go to New York.  Ditto Australia’s Next Top Model.

I would give up wine.

I would do nearly anything to book my spot at Blogher 2012 in New York City. Because this time last week,  I was doing this. See if you can spot me. A bit like a Where’s Wally book. Hint? Where there is a stage,  I am sure to be on it……..

Cleverly put together and generously shared by Mamapop.com

Oh, and I also learnt a lot about blogging.

Are you coming?