Disco Ears

Jack is growing at a rapid pace,  so much so that he needed new ear moulds for his hearing aids. His ears have grown. An ear mould is the plastic that provides a seal between the inner and outer ear,  so that the only sound getting through is filtered via the microphone behind his ear.
Mr Woog generally takes his to get his ear moulds made, as for some reason the place that does it makes me all sorts of stabby.  But a few weeks ago I had to take him.

As they took the mould of his ears,  they said “I see you always go with a clear mould. Do you want to stick with that?”  Ahhh Mr Woog,  such an adventurous fella.

I asked Jack.  He looked at the colour chart for about 15 minutes before he told me what he wanted.

And yesterday,  a package arrived for Jack.

Jack had naturally gone with one pink and one purple ear mould.  And he is very VERY happy with his choice. He actually wanted glittery pink and purple,  but they do not have that as an option. The most amazing thing about pink and purple hearing aids,  is that he insists that they make him hear even better! Who knew……

Go forth today my darling and rock your disco ears!