Faith, Knowledge, Discipline, Morals? SawHole chooses Catholic.

I am not blogging today. The NSW Teachers are on strike and I am hanging with the Woogettes. I fully support the teacher’s strike.  They get paid shit. Especially the good ones. My kids both have brilliant teachers (who read this blog…. Hi Saintly Ms K and Cool Mr C). I know how much work teachers do. How come? Because I used to be one. Now I can only spend a small amount of time in a classroom before I feel irritated. According to Mr Woog,  teachers will actually lose money over the next few years as their pay rises are less than the current rate of inflation…. Hang on.

I think I just blogged. Sorry SawHole.  Today is your turn, 

SawHole is ranty. Over to you La Hola!

Sending to your child to a Catholic school is like having a Tony Abbott tattoo in my circle. I, of all people it seems, should send my child to the local public school, according to conventional wisdom.

I have broken an until now secret social norm, which is your child must go to a public school or you are letting down society. It is putting me on the receiving of much interrogation.

Horror! Horror! Horror!

As a result of this, I am getting hit with a barrage of questions, as though I am sending her away at age five to an English boarding school. By the way I am all for boarding schools, especially when they remove narky 13-year-olds from your household.

Not that I ever ask you why you sent your child to their school. (Mrs Woog will vouch for this) Why?

Because I don’t give a rat’s.

Your school choice is exactly it – your choice. Not someone’s dinner party discussion fodder, unless you offer first to discuss it.

When she was three, we enrolled Miss Charisma in a Montessori pre-school and when I told a relative this (who asked me BTW), she was horrified.

“Isn’t that the school where they are allowed to do whatever they want,” she asked.

Yes that’s right a bunch of toddlers playing with uranium and ballistic missiles.

My child now attends the pre-school attached to our local public school at the moment but next year she will go to the school down the street. The public school is fine but we think the Catholic school is a better fit.

So before you call me anti-public education, as some have implied, I will emphasise my child attends the pre-school attached to our local public school.

I also went to a public school and the whole thing was bloody hideous but that is another story.

The implication that I am some kind of elitist is offensive, Miss Charisma was also born in a public hospital.

We also use public transport at least once a week when we catch to ferry to the mainland. I also think we may have also used a public toilet in the last week, while in a public space, of course, where we mingled with the general public.

School choice is very personal but people can’t keep their opinions to themselves.

I think there is so much pressure on parents to conform to the expectations of others.

In the words of the Aussie icon, Alf Stewart, I’ve had a gutfull of the interrogations.

My kid; my choice.

Please send hate mail to Mrs Woog, as I will be hunting with the English aristocracy.

How did YOU choose where your kids went to school?