Greedy greedy greedy!  Yep that’s me.

When it comes to Fathers that is.

And sausages and crownies too I suppose.

Yesterday we all got together at Mrs Ryan’s place for a BBQ to celebrate Father’s Day. Mr Woog took Jazz Hands up to see his folks to eat Hungarian,  followed by a European Style Siesta,  while my side,  the large louder group,  proceeded to get quietly pickled in the sun.

It was indeed a case of Outwit, Outplay and Outlast. As usual.

I have two dads. But not in the cool kind of “I have two dad’s” way. No.  They came one after the other.  And they both are exceptional. There is Dad of Mrs Woog,  serial blog post guest poster and co-Mrs Woog creator. And The Saintly Step Father, gentle provider of good advice and the ultimate fighting machine.

People are sometimes surprised to discover that we are all playing nicely after my Mum and Dad divorced.  I know for a fact that this is not the case for all kids from “Broken Homes.” (PS whoever invented that term…. you are a tool.)  And I know that some single parents cannot imagine ever being in the same room as their ex’s.  But it can happen.  And when it does,  it will be worth while. And if you are lucky like me…… doubly good!

 Um…. Mum? Do you have a specific type you like to stick with?
Dad LOVED his Cat Ass Pencil Sharpener.  See him posing with it?  LOVED IT. Saintly StepDad scored a group present from us all which was tickets to go to the stage show of Richard the Third starring Kevin Spacey.  He got two tickets.  I wonder if he will take Dad?
Dad of Mrs Woog on the left, Saintly Step dad on the right. Blowing his nose.
Models are dressed by RM Williams.
Beer guts by Victoria Bitter.
Oh,  and Dad is still holding the Cat Ass Pencil Sharpener.
How did you celebrate Father’s Day?