How to get comments on your blog.

How to get more comments on your blog? Pfft! Easy…..

Post a photo similar to this one with a single, slightly melancholy question in bold type underneath it.

Write a post about how you are a “pure” blogger and how monetised blogs give you the shits.

Write about how you have decided to monetize your blog and then justify your decision.

Write a long, sweary rant that is slightly left of litigious about a really big company and how they done you wrong.

When it is your kids birthday,  write a post letting us know it is their birthday and include a photo of the cake you made from scratch.  If it is a one year old’s birthday,  it is great to mention that they preferred playing with the boxes than then with the actual gifts. You could put a picture in of them sitting in a box.

Write a post about why you are your mother-in-law are estranged.

Write a post about the fact that you have been blogging for 6 days. month or years and no-one ever reads or comments on your blog and then threaten to shut your blog down.

Write a passive/aggressive post about successful bloggers.

Post about sex or vibrators.

Write a normal blog post but include 2/3 spelling mistakes. Preferably ones that mix up their, there and they’re. People love pointing that shit out to you.

Write a blog about why you blog and ask your readers why do thay blog.

Show your readers how to make cinnamon scrolls from scratch and preferable post it at bout 4pm when everyone is really hungry.

Post about the fact that you are fed up with blogging and are taking a blogging break and you do not know when you will be back. If ever…….

Write about the education or hospital system and include a terrible personal recount.

Write a thoughtful poem using highbrow words and an open ending, preferably a question.

Ask for input on the design of your blog,  whether the content is OK and how often would your readers like to see your blog updated.

Do an $800 vacuum cleaner giveaway.

Outline an event where it was a blogger’s event and let EVERYONE who was there know how fabulous it was to meet them and link to all of them. Include pictures of the bloggers while they were pissed.

Or there is this old chestnut…….
Write a post about comments and how to get more.
I hope you have found some of my tips helpful. Let me know if you use any of them and how you got on. Or of course,  you can share any tips you have here as well. Together we can be better bloggers.  It is all about sharing the love……
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