I often wonder what motivates people.

People that get up at 5am and run 10kms. People that only eat organic food. People that eat chicken in a can. Ladies who wear leggings as pants. Fuck wits that park across my driveway. Companies that put ads up on my FaceBook page when they know I am going to publicly slam them.

I wonder what motivated the plant thief to single out one particular garden in our street to strike Twice.

I think about why Lara Bingle would sell her story about being in love. And how she felt when she was dumped a week later.

I think about what is motivating Julia Gillard at the moment.

I would like to know what motivates people to put a sticker on their car letting the world know what private school their kid goes to. I think about how I can deface those stickers without getting caught.

I question why people order skim soy chai lattes, when there is coffee on offer.

I often think about my own family,  and what motivates us.

XO and Fooey Fooey Moi Moi are motivated by general survival. And food.
Chuy is motivated by hunting. And food.
Jack is motivated by attention.
Harry is motivated by sport. And food.
Motivated by food.
I am motivated by food. And wine and laughing and writing and friends and making a general dick of myself.
Woogs, with one exception, share the common love of cuisine.
What motivates YOU and your lot?
And seriously, would you put a school sticker on your car?