"Mrs Woog, What happened to all the wine glasses we got at our wedding?"

Mr Woog and I have had a long week. So last night we opened a bottle of wine and found our two single wine glasses that we have. We polished that bottle off in record time.
While we were sitting, sipping, chatting and telling the kids to go away,  we pondered the question,  What happened to the rest of the wine glasses?  We used to have heaps.
Flash back ten years.
Mr Woog and I were newly engaged.  He proposed one Saturday morning as we made the bed. Yes. You read that right.  I think he was so mesmerised by me showing a bit of a domestic side that he was blindsided by love. And clean sheets.
A few months later,  we were doing what a lot of young couples do.  It was another Saturday morning and we were wandering around David Jones registering for wedding gifts.  We were very excited.  Before I actually got engaged,  I scoffed at bridal registries,  considered them tacky and that gifts should come from the heart,  not from a list.  But then I got engaged and that all changed.

I was 28,  and fast becoming an expert in crystal, chrome and crockery.  I was a princess goddammit. I was getting married! I deserves the finest of the fine. I NEEDED silver teaspoons.

What I actually needed was a slap across the face. With a Le Creuset 26cm skillet. In Cobolt Blue. RRP $349.00.

Mr Woog quickly realised that this was not his scene at all.  We squabbled a lot at David Jones in the summer of 2001.  Over gifts.  And that bloody registry. We went at least 4 times (actually, Mr Woog went twice before I think he started to change his mind about marrying me,  I went 4 times) and got so confused with different lists at the different shops that eventually I had had enough as well.

A few months later,  the day after our wedding, we opened our wedding presents.  The haul included 4 identical cutlery sets and 36 identical wine glasses.  Seems we had put to many lists in at too many different stores so they just kept adding up.

So last night, nearly ten years down the track,  we drank that bottle of wine and wondered what happened to the wine glasses that were so important to us back then.  Then Mr Woog shrugged his shoulders and asked me if I could pick up a 6 pack of wine glasses from the $2 shop today, because we are having friends for dinner and he did not want to serve them wine in a sippy cup.

But I am hesitating.  After all,  it does not matter what it looks like on the outside. It is what is on the inside that counts.

Have you ever registered for gifts?
Did it turn you into a psychopath?