Mrs Woog? What happened to your blog?

Why….. thanks for asking!

I might look a little different,  but I am still the same person inside.  Still the same sloppy, irresponsible, unorganised, unpunctual swearing like a trooper attention whore.  It is just that a few people had hinted to me lately that this little piece of cyber space needed a makeover. That was quite a while ago.

And then my beautiful mum called to to let me know that I had had my 500,000th page view. This came from a woman who rarely “Skates the Line” and still suspects social media is for perverts and credit card skimmers.

So I thought it might be time to revisit the notion that came make or break a site.

I got into the “back end” (hehehehehe back end…. hehe) and had a look around.  And then I had a panic attack and  emailed Blogger Expert Sharnee and invited her to have a crack at it.  I was very thorough with my brief,  which went a little something like this.

Hi Sharnee,  I really really like this cushion! xx

I also was drawn to the Seconds World logo for some reason. Just the slightest ding! I have no idea why.. 

So it took no time for Sharnee to come back to me with what she thought would happen if an orange cushion and the 2NDS WORLD Logo had a baby and the baby turned into a blog header for a mummy blogger.

Yeah Baby!
So the blog has got a Spring Clean,  and now I am going to give YOU one. Or at least one of you. But not you SawHole. Employees are ineligible to enter. May your legs stay dry and hairy and your pits stinky.
One of my favourite PR company has got together with some of my favourite brands to come up with a giveaway which is fucking awesome very generous. The package includes the following and retails for nearly $500!

  • Lock Stock & Barrel Matte Putty – $25.50
  • Lock Stock & Barrel Reconstruct Shampoo – $22.50
  • Remington Titanium Pivot & Flex (F7790) – $153.95
  • Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo – $34
  • Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner – $36
  • jane iredale Tantasia $54
  • ORLY Top2Bottom basecoat and topcoat – $19.95
  • ORLY Nail Lacquers x 2 – $37.90
  • ORLY Rich Renewal Hand & Foot Cream – $10.95
  • NIVEA Daily Essentials 2in1 Wash & Scrub – $9.97
  • NIVEA SUN Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF30+ – $10.99
  • NIVEA SUN Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF30 – $10.99
  • NIVEA SUN Swim & Play Sunscreen Lotion – $13.95
  • NIVEA Invisible For Black & White Deodorant Spray – $4.99
  • NIVEA Lip Pure and Natural in Milk & Honey – $3.98

Just leave a comment telling me what you think of the new look!  And I am not being big headed here and telling you to blow smoke up my ass because I cannot take any credit for how it looks.  That is thanks to Sharnee from who has been a dream to deal with.
One winner will be selected by Randy.Org on Friday 30th of September.
But mainly thanks to you for reading this blog.  If indeed you do read this blog and it has not been my Mum who has been hitting the refresh button over and over and over again.