Pretty Pushers

Kylie Johnson from Kylie Johnson Media was totally correct when she sent me a link yesterday for a collection of “Pretty Pushers Delivery Fashion” which she thought I might find it interesting.
“Never again settle for those ugly hospital gowns that make you feel and look your worst and always expose you, regardless of how careful you are!”
And these days,  dresses cannot be dresses with a naff name.

Sushi (alternative title Crap your Pants)

Mai Tai (Alternative title Get me a fucking Mai Tai)

Coffee (alternative title Soy Skim Chai Latte for Pansies)

These gowns are perfect if you are paranoid about medical staff seeing your neatly waxed lady garden.  Or if you are concerned that your husband might see you looking less than fresh.  Or perhaps you are worried that Anna Wintour will burst into the delivery suite and shoot you one of these…..

So click here to order a Pretty Pusher Delivery Gown.
Then go to the nearest mirror and look it it,  repeating to yourself “I am a fuckwit.”
I am now off to gouge my eyes out with a teaspoon,  I do not need them anymore. Because I have now seen everything.