Role Play

I have an official favourite thing. 
7 year olds.  
Particularly mine at the moment although I am fully aware that this can change with the blink of an eye roll. I loved him even more this morning when I was making the boys toast and Jack commented on the fact that I had a big bottom. This came out of the blue.  Harry looked at Jack and told him that people come in all shapes and sizes. Love.

On the weekend Harry asked me to write our phone number down on a piece of paper as a girl in his class had requested it. Cuteness overload! But I played it all very cool and asked her about the girl.

“She cheers me on at lunchtime when I am playing soccer.”


So I wrote the number down and gave it to him,  telling  him that it is really nice when someone thinks you are special.  He shrugged his shoulders and went outside to kick the ball a thousand times into the hydrangeas.

Later that night after I had put the kids to bed,  The Divine Ms M dropped over with emergency wine and chocolate. We sat on the couch in front of the telly and I casually told her that a little girl in Harry’s class had a crush on him and had asked for our phone number.

The Divine Ms M sat bolt upright and looked at me, very, very seriously.

“You are not to embarrass him. Ok let’s work out what you are going to do. We are going to role play. I will be the girl and you can be you.”

The Divine Ms M LOVES a role play.

The Divine Ms M put a fake phone up to her ear and said “ring ring ring ring…”

“Hello?” I answered my own fake phone which was an iPhone 4 with a pink bedazzled cover.

“Hello. May I please speak to Harry?”


So I had to do it all over again.  She gave me very specific instructions this time.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring….. I let is ring a few times as I did not want to appear too eager.

“Hello” I answered.

“May I please speak with Harry?”

“Of course. Can I ask who is calling?” I enquired.

WRONG! The Divine Ms M told me that it was none of my business who was calling.  I pointed out to her that I was not going to let just anyone speak to my son on the phone and I was well within my rights to ask who was calling.

She told me that if it was a little girl on the other end of the phone,  she would 100% guarantee it was not someone willing to sprout evil.

By the third time,  I got it right and so we finished watching The Rachel Zoe Project.

It is now Wednesday and the little girl has not rang which has taken me right back to my early twenties,  when indeed The Divine Ms M and I used to sit on the couch watching Melrose Place with me complaining to her….

“Why would someone ask me for my phone number if they were not going to call me…!”

Some things never change.