An unsponsored post about a sponsored post.

I get sent quite a few requests each week to write sponsored posts and publish them here on my little site.  9 times out of ten I say no,  because the fit is not quite right.  I love money as much as the next person,  but I like storytelling better!

I was recently sent a request from a giant supermarket to write about an incentive they were running.  The PR company involved were terrific,  organised and were very, very good to deal with. Could not fault them one bit. But it appears as up the chain my copy went,  the more changes were required.

Until it started to look like nothing I would ever, ever write.

I listened to my gut instinct and pulled the pin on the whole deal.

This company does not understand bloggers and social media communities and that is OK. No one does. Good on them for having a crack though.  We are relatively new when it comes to media exposure and are fairly untested I suspect, in terms of results.I have worked with many MANY companies before who have actually requested my to write in my WOOGY way and we have all been happy with the results.

I am a risk taker with my writing. I am authentic with my words.  And I will not change that. I love writing sponsored posts.  I see them as a challenge and I enjoy spreading messages in my own way.

My voice.


So you might wonder why I am publishing this sponsored post anyway. Because I wanted to share with my fellow bloggers,  PR professionals and Brands How Not To Write a Sponsored Post. And this, my friends, just cost me $500.

The Coles Sports for Schools incentive is kind of like a frequent flyer program. Except you do not get to go on a free holiday.  But you do get sports equipment for your school. Sports Equipment that includes rubber chickens.

Confused? Mrs Woog investigates.

Coles Supermarket sent The Woogs a selection of sports equipment to test out as part of the Coles Sports for Schools program.  The program encourages all schools to register and collect tokens which are then used to order sports stuff that your school actually needs.

The first thing that I saw when I went shopping at Coles was this.

And I thought that Petula Clarke would be rolling in her grave, if indeed she was dead.
I had a pleasant shopping experience at Coles, and that is because I was by myself and not getting nagged to death in the confectionery isle.  Or getting rammed with the trolley as my kids both like to push it at the same time. Or spending a lot of time saying “No..No..No..No..No.”

You must always do the grocery shopping by yourself if at all possible. It should just be a rule.

At the checkout, the checkout chick asked “Are you collecting Sports for Schools Tokens?” and I replied “Oh yes indeedy!”  I loaded up my groceries and started towards the Mazda but stopped in my tracks when I saw this…..

I mean, that school is all kinds of sneaky! And they have even put a guard dog on to prevent token theft.
Later that day, I went to the Woogette’s school to pick them up.  They never fail to surprise me with what they are able to fight about, including putting a ream of paper into a box.

This post was sponsored by Coles Sports for the Schools Program.

For general information about the program, visit

To see if your school is registered, click here.

And to visit the official Petula Clark fan club, click here.

PS. If anyone knows a sports game that involves a rubber chicken, please let me know! Until then, it can continue to be a creepy yet interesting garden ornament.

Would love your thoughts on this.