The week that was……

The mundanes hit big time this week.

I spent far too much time this doing washing and folding in front of Oprah. Is it just me, or does she have the best hair ever? And the nicest earrings….

I took Harry to the podiatrist. I took Jack to the doctor. The cat followed me up the street so I had to walk into the shop holding the cat. Looking like a batshit crazy cat woman.

The cat caught another bird. And ate the evidence. Am I not feeding him enough?

I could not turn the TV on or read a website without seeing my friend Joe Hildebrand’s face. And in some cases, his breasts.

I have sat on the veranda watching Mr Woog walk around the garden with secateurs in his hand as he insists that the garden is going to be amazing this spring. And next year it is going to be worthy of the Chelsea Flower Show. I feigned intense interest and decided not to let him know that our tiny house is giving me the shits and I do not think we will be here to enjoy his handiwork next spring.
Which is just as well, as after a weeks’ worth of intense police investigation, there are no leads in capturing the Gardenia Thief that is menacing our street. But the outraged victims have left a hostile note to guard their new plant.

The photography is not so good. And that is because I sent Harry up the street to take it this morning. For two reasons.  One is because I did not want the people who live there to look out and see ME taking the photo,  and two,  because it is raining.
On the way back,  Harry has obvioulsy made a little film. Which has totally made my week!

What was the highlight of YOUR week?