Adventures in Melbourne

On Thursday,  I travelled to Melbourne for a few nights to take part in the ProBlogger Training Day.  The day started in a flurry of anxiety and adrenaline as we missed our flight,  despite being at the airport on time.

One of our travel party was running late and arrived just at the nick of time…. to the Qantas International Terminal.  A terminal that was not the one we were supposed to be at.  After some smooth talking and a very, very understanding Qantas Check in Lady called Andrea pulled some strings (she was clearly used to dealing with morons), we were on the next flight.

I was so pleased we were able to make the flight.  I needed a break from the Woogettes and I thought even if  we were not able to get on another flight,  I would have taken a cab to a dodgy motel on Parramatta Road and slept there for two nights,  all the while calling my family from “Melbourne.”
The day was a workshop about how to be a better blogger,  and this blogger has a lot to learn it seems.  There was a special surprise guest. Tim Ferriss (not the man from INXS) wrote the book The Four Hour Working Week and has since become a celebrity squillionaire,  (I am now planning a similar media empire based around the 0 Hour Working Week). I felt bad that I had never heard of him despite some people in the audience nearly fainting when he came out.
When Tim is not working Four Hours a week,  he is doing fight club promotional poses.

Later in the day I took the stage to be a part of a panel. I always get a bit nervous doing this type of speaking,  but my mind was taken off my sweaty palms when I sat down in my seat awkwardly and gave myself a one cheeked but solid wedgie. 
Hi guys.  My undies are up my butt!
Chatting away on the panel went alright, and then Problogger asked me to tell the story on An Unsponsored Post about a Sponsored Post,  which I launched into with complete abandon.  And when my panel was over I went and sat back down in my seat only to find this message waiting for me on my iPhone.
Coles Online
ColesOnline Coles Online 

@Woogsworld #pbevent sorry to hear about the blog post. Just so you know the Coles online team love you very much! 🙂

Yay! Coles still love me even though I completely fucked them over!  Although now I think they are totally stalking me and I may have reigned in my tale a bit onstage if I had known they were in the audience.
Mr Woog never reads blogs, apart from Bike Exif which is the worlds biggest Motorbike Blog written by Sydneysider Chris Hunter.  So I went and met Chris Hunter and had a photo taken with him to send to Mr Woog who was kid-wrangling back home.  I put it through instagram, but the double chin stops for no photographer filter.
Mr Woog had a million questions when I came home about Chris, such as what sort of bike does he have,  where does he live and where does he ride. No Idea, No Idea, No Idea.
The main thing I took away from the Problogger Day was the lunch at the Novotel was woeful, the post event drinks were plentiful,  Bloggers are fantastic and I have a lot LOT to learn.
Mrs Woog: “What does this button do?”