Bitch Slapped by a Waitress.

There are some places with such bad customer service that it irks me when I am forced to return. I tell everyone who will listen about cases of bad service I encounter.  When Eden and I were travelling in the States,  the service everywhere was outstanding and it made me wonder what happened to it in Australia.

During the week, the NRMA launched a new campaign to bring back 1950’s style petrol attendants.  They launched this in Rose Bay,  because the darlings of that area do not want to chip their Mani’s. I can remember as a kid pulling into the petrol station and my Dad saying “Fill er up!” and handing over $7 to the attendant,  who would then wash your windscreen.

What the fuck happened to that?

I could comment on the whole GASP Retail Superstar issue but I will not,  except to say to the clothing chain enough already.  You have milked this one for all it is worth and now you just look like morons. And your clothes are hoe-ish.

The one and only place I will accept bad customer service is a little local eatery.  The New Shanghai is a dumpling house.  There are actually 2 in Chatswood.  One is located in Chatswood Chase for the folks who like to get their Lexus valet parked.  The CC New Shanghai is clean,  shiny and more expensive.

The OTHER New Shanghai is in the old Lemon Grove Plaza.  Lemon Grove Plaza…. What happened to you?  The LG New Shanghai is cash only,  bursting at the seams full of Chinese eaters and is as hostile as the Sahara Desert.  We tend to go to this one as it is cheaper and that makes Mr Woog happy.  Do not go if you are a delicate flower.

You get seated by a grunting lady who yells at you if you want to sit at a particular table.  You then have to tackle a morbid waitress to request a menu. You then have to tackle another on to submit your order.  The restaurant manager openly glares with hate at you.  You get routinely ignored by everyone rushing past.

But I do not care.

Pork and Chive? Get in my belly.
Black Vinegar Ribs…. I want to make babies with you
Lamb and Leek?  Cannot speak……
I have no idea what you are, but I do know that you are no longer.
What do you mean You have no Beef and Black Bean Sauce?

One Woog delighted!
While the other is less than impressed.
We always order to much,  eat to much and marvel at the fact that it only ever costs around $25.  And we put up with the bad service because the food is that good.  And gets made in front of you. By surly dumpling rollers.
The only considerate thing they do is to warn you that you might scald yourself if you eat too enthusiastically.
So there you have it.  The one place I am willing to overlook not only appalling customer service,  but a place I half expect to be bitch slapped by a waitress.
Are you ever willing to put up with bad customer service?
What is your favourite place to dine?