Canteen News and the NEW Summer Menu. No this is not bullshit. No not at all.

I can already tell this is going to be one of those BACK IN MY DAY…. posts

I have two email accounts.  One is for all things blog related and the OTHER is for everything else. I rarely visit the OTHER account as it is normally full of spammy stuff as a result of me giving away my information to freely to idiots behind the counter at retail outlets. It is also the one that the school newsletter gets delivered to.

Yesterday there was an email there entitled Canteen News and the Summer Menu.

Turns out you can now order your kids lunch online and pay be credit card. And the summer menu has gob smacking things like sushi, jacket potatoes, dumplings, curries, ravioli, stir fries and 5 different types of salads.  And with the prices the way they are,  I am going to suggest they get a drive through window so I too may order my lunch online and pop by to collect it.

Back in my day, (there it is) our school canteen sold Vegemite sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, ham sandwiches, meat pies and sausage rolls. And packets of chips. And jelly snakes. And that was all. You wrote your order on a paper bag. And you got to get it on a Friday when your (single) mum could not be fucked to make any more lunches for the week. (Totally understand this now Mum x)

Which brings me to school lunches in general. Every day (except Fridays when the boys get sushi) I pack an assortment of food into those little thermal boxes. Ones like this. But less fancy.

They are convenient because they keep food fresh and double up as a soccer ball once you have finished eating the contents.

Back in my day, before zip locked bags were invented. we were given a Vegemite sandwich in one of those sandwich bags that you folded over the edge. You know the ones. We got that and a piece of fruit. By lunchtime the sandwich had escaped the bag and you had to kind of brush off the bag fluff before you ate it.

For some reason we survived without the compartmentalised lunch box containing a salad wrap, cut up carrot  sticks, organic yoghurt and an oatmeal cookie.

Yes back in my day the school canteen menu looked different.  And it was called  a list and it certainly was not seasonal.  And if you had of asked for Turkish bread you would have been looked at quite strangely. And aoli would have been considered part of one’s breast and nothing to do with mayo.