Yesterday I woke up,  opened the door and trod on something squishy.  When I looked down I realised I was standing on a large rodent that Chuy the Cat had gifted me.

I screamed every swear word that had even been invented and made some new ones up as well.  The kids came running and found me hysterically pouring Domestos over my foot while dry retching into the sink. Jack stood there and told me about when happens when you use swear words (Santa will not come) while Harry,  (the little champ) dealt with the situation by getting rid of the body with the dustpan and broom.

Mr Woog had left the house really early as he was doing motor bike racing out at Eastern Creek and I promise you and I just know it,  he would have seen it and left it for me to deal with. Asshole. Although I totally would have done the same.

Chuy, in the Hall, with a set of teeth.