Dorothy, Baby, Barbie and Halloween

Over the past few years I have noticed more and more involvement in Halloween,  a fact that I am blaming on $2 shops who, where I live anyway, have been selling Halloween stuff for weeks now.

I picket up the kids from school,  who immediately started banging on about Halloween.  There seemed to be no discussion as to whether or not they were going to take part it in, They were just going to take part in it it seemed. We came home via Franklins so I could pick up some evil sugary offerings and some cotton wool,  which I planned to stretch out over Mr Woog’s roses to create a giant cob web.

Now, cotton wool does not stretch over things to create a giant cob web. You need special stretchy cotton wool from the $2 shop designed to do that.  So after I picked up all the fluff from the front yard,  I was a bit stuck as to how to decorate the house to indicate to others that we were involved in Halloween. So in the end I decided to theme the house using items we already owned.  I created a scene depicting times of yore where folks were hanged for their crimes.

Barbie was hung due to her ongoing contribution to promoting an unhealthy body image.

Baby was hung due to her persistent need to squeal or cry without warning due to a faulty mechanism.

And Dorothy was hung as a result of me having to sit through far to many concerts and dvds. Would you like to dance with me? I do not think so.

Later that evening after we had put the kids to bed,  Mr Woog and I tucked into a few Freddo Frogs, jelly snakes and other assorted haul from the boys stash and decided that Halloween was actually ok. Although we did wonder why our house was not visited much throughout the course of the evening.

I am blaming Barbie.