Hungry Bums and a Fashion Faux Pas

Leggings were invented in the 1970’s in the USA by an illegal sweatshop worker in Illinois as a garment to assist his heavy set wife in the prevention of chafe.  Harry Leggins (pronounced locally as Hairy) concurred that a tight fitting pair of long length elasticised tights without the obstruction of feet would render him a better chance at getting some sack action after his wife had done her Jazzercise.

Years and years later,  leggings are still around.  We have seen some tremendous advances in with design and materials as well as different ways to wear what has now become a wardrobe staple to many mums in their thirties and forties. As well as pre-pubescent girls.
It was only a few weeks ago,  I was standing with my father in law Dr Woog at the kids school waiting to collect them, when I noticed a yummy mummy wearing pale grey leggings.  With a t-shirt.  Her derriere was obviously STARVING.  I turned to Dr Woog and suggested she might as well take her whole bottom half off,  but he did not seem to be as offended by it.

Then a divine friend called me this morning with a quick question.  What could she wear her leggings with?  We spoke at length about length and concluded that leggings could be worn with a dress or a long line tunic. 
Now I am not a fashioner,  but I once went to a styling session where the “stylist” said that a ladies wardrobe should be based around two staples.  A bolero jacket and an elasticated belt.  And that just did not sound right to me,  so I am confident I can share my style tips with my mate.

I have 2 pairs of leggings.  A black pair and a charcoal pair.  Although I have never worn the charcoal pair as I think my charcoal tracksuit pants may get hurt feelings.  
Some days just for fun,  I will stand at the front door dressed in my leggings and bra,  jingling the car keys and yelling to the kids that we are ready to go to school….  The look on their faces NEVER GETS OLD

So in conclusion,  go forth and wear  your leggings with pride.  With a dress or a tunic.

But never, EVER as pants.