So I went to Melbourne to drive a car around a racetrack….

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I do not know when it happened, but indeed over the past  six months I feel I have really become a mummy car blogger.  And like most things, I do not question it.  There is no point.  It would only make me crazier, so I will continue to go with the flow.

Last week I travelled to Melbourne for the day to drive a car around Albert Park.  My family and friends were amused and puzzled.  My father in law Dr Woog, went a bit further and even said “No offence, but it is a wasted opportunity.  I will go instead.”

But down to Melbourne I went, to test drive the brand spanking new Mitsubishi i-MiEV. A car that is shiny.
A car that is cute.
A car that is electric!

And they put on a fine lunch.
Electric cars have been around for some time now.  Then a few years back, GM started to commercially produce them before the big oil companies thought “Hang on…. This may affect us in some way.” and used their political clout to halt production.

And then they invented some big ass cars such as the Hummers. IN YOUR FACE ELECTRIC CAR!

No, in your face HUMMER.  These gas guzzlers are now extinct and electric cars are back in production.

When I think of electric cars, I imagine driving into your garage and plugging your car into the wall. Which turns out, is exactly what you do!  Can you imagine?

Mitsubishi has just introduced the i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) to the Australian market.  It is the first ever mass-produced 100% electrically powered car available. The team at Mitsubishi was on hand to answer any questions I had. Please note, I did not take any paper or pen so I had to remember what they said.

How far can you go on one charge? 150 kilometres. It is particularly good for city driving.  It loves a bit of start, stop and traffic jams.

Why does it make no sound when you turn on the ignition? Because it is electric. Like when you turn on a lamp, it does not rev up does it?

Will you die of electrocution if you accidently drove it into a lake? No.  The battery packs are concealed in a water-tight cell so you are safe.  Although you may drown.

Can I plug my hairdryer in somewhere? No. You are a bit of an idiot to even think that.

At around $50,000, it seems a bit pricey.  Even when I use my cost per wear algorithm. If I drive it every day for 136 years I will get to my ultimate $1 per day goal. I do not think I will live that long. Why is it so expensive? The most expensive component of the car is the battery technology.  Over the next few years, this price will come down dramatically.  Remember when flat screen TVs used to cost $20,000? It is a bit like that.

I went for a drive in the  i-MiEV and I liked it!  I am not used to driving such a zippy little car. I will tell you right now, for a car blogger I know jack shit about cars, but I know what I like and I liked this one.  I asked the brave Mitsubishi marketing dude who accompanied me whether I could do a burnout or a donut in the car park and he said he’d rather I didn’t.  But I did it anyway and it was sweet.

Would I buy one? Here at WoogsWorld we pride ourselves on craptastic car ownership and this car is adorable, but too small for our needs. Mitsubishi advises me to watch this space, as their range will expand into larger cars that can accommodate roof racks, roof boots, and car racks and tow bars over the next few years.

Suggestions to improve the i-MiEV? Not many, but I would like to see a built-in hair straightener in the dash board for red-light touch ups as well as maybe a microwave.

Mitsubishi would like to treat one reader to a hamper pack of goodies!

Tielka Tea – Earl Grey Royale and China Breakfast
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Heavenly Delights – Lemon Shortbread
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Sleep Sanctuary – Relaxing Bath Soak
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Would you buy one?

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