so tired, so very tired

Today I had one of those days where I just wanted to take to my bed. I had had a total shit house sleep. I need my sleep. I am not good without it. We love each other.

This has been made worse by the fact that I had decided to start Ocsober* on the weekend.  And when I say weekend, I meant Sunday.  It ends at the end of October. This is tomorrow. Which is Melbourne Cup day and I have to take the kids to Tennis Lessons.

Had dramas with the ebook which were going on all day.  Sass from MooZoo designs was literally up all night tweaking and trouble shooting. She is so cheery I do not know how she does it.  Thanks to those who have bought my book. Freaking Legends.

I did a recorded radio interview with Chrissie and Yumi fromthe 3pm Pick Up.  The radio producer called me in the morning and just confirmed that I could speak for a few minutes without swearing. Yes, Gen Y lassie. I am well aware of social niceties. Sometimes…  Then just before she called back to start the interview, nature got in first and I was stuck. Should I go to the loo and risk being interviewed while mid-stream?

You know how when you are talking to someone on the phone and you stop and say “Are you on the toilet?” You get this sort of echoed feedback. My mum is mad for it.  She is a total phone multitasker.  I can say “What are you doing Mum?” and she will answer something like “Why I am feeding the worms with one hand, and giving myself a bikini wax with the other…”

I did not want to get asked by Chrissie or Yumi if I was on the toilet.  

Which in the end turned out ok as my full bladder distracted me from my impending panic attack. The interview was done in a few minutes. Those chicks are pros. Snap Snap Snap BANG.

Which brings  to my point.

Why oh why are we all of a sudden all doing trick or treating in Australia?

so tired. so very tired