This Week, in a very special WoogsWorld…..

  • My site shat it’s pants
  • We shot for a Sunrise Story for Loud Shirt Day
  • I saved a baby Magpie
  • I landed my dream gig
  • I am still addicted to Polyvore

My Site Shat it’s Pants.
My site shat it’s pants yesterday,  ironically on a day that I bragged a bit about learning something new on my computer. My super dooper tech support lady Sharnee was all over it like a fly on dog shit and all fingers are now pointed to the server that hosts this site. Oh for shame! It kept telling me that does not exist and kept pointing me to a site that sells baby blankets
We shot a Sunrise Story for Loud Shirt Day.
Loud Shirt Day is the main fundraiser for The Shepherd Centre.  The Shepherd Centre is the charity that taught Jack to speak. Sunrise is the show that my darling friend The Divine Ms M works for.  Throw them all in together and what do you have?
The Woogs on Breakfast Television!

We have been shooting different parts for a segment here and there and I tell you,  I have had to hold myself back from coming over like Dina Lohan.  Jack has been a little champ and it has done wonders for his already inflated ego.  Tomorrow will be the biggest day yet,  as the 2 Principal Dancers from the Australian Ballet are coming up from Melbourne to meet and dance with him at his Ballet School, who are all in a tizz about having them to visit!

Could you imagine?  It would be a bit like me meeting my idols Jennifer Saunders or Chelsea Handler.

Here are a few snaps from our visit back to the Shepherd Centre yesterday.

Jack and Shepherd Centre Head Honcho,  the impressive Jim Hungerford.

Getting miked up like a pro.
The Divine Ms M talks to the Director of Programs,  the lovely Aleisha.
Tiny babies with tiny hearing aids learning tiny sounds.
Loud Shirt Day is Friday 21st October so if you can,  wear a Loud Shirt and support this amazing cause.  Get some more great style tips on how to wear loud shirts over on Styling You . And tune into Sunrise on the same day to see the Woogs on TV,  including me crying and kicking the Divine Ms M in the shin and saying “Thanks for making me cry you fucker…”

I saved a baby Magpie
At the moment the street is filled with bossy momma magpies and dopey baby magpies and a whole lot of cats. Chuy has a little gang happening.  There is himself,  Skittles from number 17, Baci from over the back fence and Large Angry Orange Cat,  address unknown.
A little baby magpie spent most of the Wednesday in our front garden calling out to his momma, who was obviously at Star City playing the pokies.  As night fell I went out to catch up with some mates and on my return,  I pointed out to The Divine Ms M that the baby magpie was still there.  So at 10pm we found ourselves at the Vets with Baby Magpie (who we called Adrienne) who took her in and rehoused her with a WIRES volunteer.  She will be hand reared and returned to our street when she can fly.
And I am betting that come next spring,  she is going to attack the shit out of me.

I landed my dream gig.
I was offered a paid gig to drink a bottle of wine and write what I think about it. This is the only way I ever want to make a living.
I am still addicted to Polyvore.
Home School Mum.
Christian Mum
Melbourne Mum

So that is about it in my little world at the moment.
But enough about me…… How you doing?