Last night we were having dinner with the kids talking about the fact that it was their sports carnival the next day.  The Woogettes were discussing their chances at winning their respective events when Mr Woog piped up with the old “It does not matter if you win or not as long as you have fun…” speech.

Which I counteracted with “I disagree. If you do NOT win you will not get an early mark and come home with me. You will have to catch the bus. THE BUS OF SHAME!”

Of course I did not mean it.
Later that night when the kids were in bed and I was watching Celebrity Apprentice,  Harry came out of his room and told me that he would try really really hard but he did not think he could win his race. And that he did not want to catch the bus of shame.
So I felt like a total bitch.
And to be honest,  the only shameful thing about school athletics carnivals is myself and my extreme Dokic like behaviour. I do not know what over comes me. I am usually a rational person and am very uncompetitive,  but when it comes to watching my boys attempt sporting triumphs, I turn into a complete and utter nutter.
This is me in 2009 watching Harry (come first last) in his first ever running race. (if you are working in an open plan office or are holding a sleeping baby, I caution you to turn the sound down now.)

Fairly embarrassing behaviour hey!  I really do not know what came over me. But I knew I would NEVER do that again.

Cut to this morning and it was Jack’s first Sports Carnival and again I kept telling myself “Act cool, be nice and gracious and to now scream like a banshee.”

I lasted 5 seconds.

Seriously! What the fuck is wrong with me….