Woog V. Woog

It is not hard to admit that relationships are tough. And great and all that. But sometimes tough.

I woke up this morning in my lady room,  rolled over and remembered.  I was doing “No Speakies”. No Speakies is a classic passive aggressive attempt to make a point after words were spoken last night. Harsh words. Littered with adjectives such as psycho, moron and tosser.

I waited until I heard Mr Woog leave for work before I got up.  I went about my usual mundane morning routine and noticed the absence of my morning coffee.  Another sign that all was not well in the Woog residence.  And I made a vow to continue “No Speakies” for like…. well…… FOREVER!

Secretly I think Mr Woog enjoys a bit of “No Speakies.”

And then I projected forward 8 hours and how exhausting and boring it is so I picked up the phone and called Mr Woog at work.  He did not answer.  I got angrier and texted him “Stop being a baby and answer the phone.”  And then to prove a point (the psycho point) I put the phone on redial until he picked up.

I am that mature.

And we worked out our shit in less that 60 seconds,  wished each other a good day and hung up the phone.

So now back to Speakies.

Fuck it exhausting sometimes.

What is your fighting style?  
Are you passive aggressive?  Or do you let it rip?
Or are you perfect?