Yesterday I tried to spend some quality time with the kids but reading groups got cancelled due to a Bullying Workshop and Role-play Presentation and then Tennis was rained out. This is what I call a result.

Yesterday I forgot to draw the winner of my Mitsubishi Giveaway which turned out to be Carmel Corry.  And on rereading that sentence I should point out that Carmel did not actually win a car. She wins a beautiful hamper but it has made me think they should give me a car to giveaway next time.  It just makes more sense, you know,  as a branding exercise. 

Yesterday I spent some time pulling together an eBook on my Parenting Style which really needs a catchy name. So far the front runner is Not another fucking eBook on Parenting but if you have another suggestion I would love to hear it!  It is basically a whole lot of posts pulled together and will replace my traditional BabyShower gift which is a bottle of Vodka   
Yesterday I tried to think of a good present to get Mr Woog for his 38th Birthday but he insisted he just wanted the traditional birthday gift that husbands the world over request for their special day. But instead I re-gifted him the Oral-B Triumph 5000 that I was given during the week as part of a PR campaign for the electric toothbrush and pointed out to him that at least it still had something to do with oral.