10 Dead Blog Posts

I am a shocker for walking around in my life seeing bizarre things and whipping out my iPhone to take photos. I do this with every intention that I believe that there is a blog post in almost anything and everything you see.
So here are some blog posts that never was.  Maybe a good thing? Maybe not? I will let you decide.

Bum Crack Attack
This post was going to be about Mr Woog and how is bum crack is showing a lot of the time,  but in my rush to take this photo,  I managed not to get his bum crack in the shot.

Less Accessories More Nutritional Barbie
I was going to ramble on about Barbie and how thin she has got and why I do not think it is a good idea. 

Fairy Mouse for Halloween
Here I was going to write about how when I think of Halloween,  I always think of Fairy Mice. Don’t you?

Why trying to impress the cute girl on the bus can backfire.
You are on a school excursion and you are seated next to the cute girl.  And when she suggests she draws pink spectacles on you, you should really say no.  It is not worth the gag.

I’m ok. You are a little strange.
I found this book in a pile next to Mr Woog’s side of the bed and it got me thinking….. Do we need to talk?

Junior Masterchef Babysitter 
I have written before about using Junior Masterchef as a bribing mechanism and a babysitter. I was going to talk about why it is a cost effective option.

Viva La Orange Handbag!
Ages ago I blogged about my need for an oversized Orange Handbag. It finally arrived from Paris. Tres Adore! But the moment had passed and I did not want to come off all…. LOOK AT MY FUCKING HOT ORANGE HANDBAG… so I let it slide.

Rocking the Sister Wife Look
New headband. Self explained title. NEXT!

Slut Coral
I was going to come all beauty blogger on your ass and talk about getting a mani with Shellac Coral, which Mr Woog detests and calls Slut Coral. But to be honest I think he really likes it. He sure does talk about it a lot!

and finally, Inequities in Pharmaceutical Representations.
Why a female orgasm is worth less than an erection and maxi sperm, and why do they think putting the word MAX on all these products will make them appear sexier.
So there you have it.  
A few blog posts that never saw the light of day.  
Which one tickles YOUR fancy?