4 Quick Things

My Week has Just Begun

 Well it feels like it anyway. Today is my first day without faker sick or real sick kids.  I have been housebound and slowly going nutso. Yesterday I cleaned out under the kitchen sink!  Trust me,  that is a big deal around these parts.

Mr Woog disgraces Himself
Once a year Mr Woog goes out to lunch with a very naughty (read fun) group of boys for a long lunch. He is the 2 can screamer of the group and I was not surprised, when at 6pm last night, I heard the fumble of keys and the door swing open. I then witnesses him slide the entire length of the hallway before disappearing into our bedroom. Not a word was exchanged till this morning when he said to me;
“I like how you are trying to save money by not buying any food, but is there any chance you can get to the supermarket today?”
Bite me.
The kids asked last night what was wrong with Daddy. I told him that he had manage to pick up Harry’s Stomach flu. He also was in possession of cigarettes (he is not a smoker) which I poured dish washing liquid over and threw in the bin.  Then I spent an hour thinking “What harm could it do to me to light that up?” And this morning I am ever so glad that I did not try.
Derelicmyballs and Eloise Leave Foster Care.
My baby tigers had reached the point that they were ready to leave the nest. I was surprised when I shed a little tear as I handed them over to their new family. Derelicmyballs is such a clever boy with the kitty litter tray,  but Eloise, although very beautiful, still continued to use whatever she was standing on as a latrine. On the plus side,  I always enjoy an authentic product placement with a brand I have worked with,  and the massive Ambi Pur Hamper I was gifted some time back was a total godsend.  And that is why it is the bloggers air-freshener of choice!
Corporate Australia Made My Heart Sing!

Kyle Sandilands from radio station 2DayFM verbally attacked and threatened a journalist live on air Tuesday morning. If you have not heard it, here it is.

Kyle Sandilands Spray by dhudson-1

Along with hundred of others who are involved in Social Media, we were shocked and took to twitter. There was a petition going around and calls for a public apology, at the very least. On the eve of White Ribbon Day (or any day for that matter) domestic violence cannot be tolerated.

Personally,  I think Kyle is a douchebag and I cannot see the attraction, but he enjoys huge ratings.  But I believe there is a difference in being controversial and being a bully. And what he said was brutal.

So my heart started to sing when one by one his sponsors (worth millions) started to pull their support for the program over the period of the afternoon. Spearheaded by Holden who issued the following statement.

Recent comments made on the Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show do not in any way reflect the views or opinions of Holden and we are very disappointed to hear Kyle’s personal attack on a journalist.
We believe the show is no longer in line with Holden’s core values and as a result we have taken action to withdraw our sponsorship of the program, effective immediately.

And then like a domino effect The Good Guys and Vodafone followed suit. Channel 7 are reviewing their association with him. And that made my heart sing like Mariah Carey on crack.