A bit like a school newsletter but this one may get read.

Mr Woog has developed a crush. On pickles.

A while ago I was sent a selection of jams and pickles from The Jammery. Mr Woog and his dad Dr Woog hoovered through them like nobodies business. And then Mr Woog went through withdrawals. I mean the man was smothering Piccalilli Pickles on anything.  And then we were out. So unannounced to me,  he emailed in an order which he thinks will last him at least until Christmas.  His order also included the new Bread and Butter pickles which is lasting about 2 days once it is opened. I actually saw him eating it out of the jar. Like you would nutella.

I am calling this current obsession Occupy Cupboard.

Visit The Jammery at http://www.thejammery.com.au/  to see what all the fuss is about.

After all that, Jack won the Talent Quest.

Thanks to all the lovely folk who had suggestions about the Modern Dilemma we here at WoogsWorld yesterday. In the end, Jack wore his leotard and navy ballet pants with hot pink socks. Just before he went up to dance,  he looked at me and told me he was going to win. I said that I did not think that was important, just go out and have fun.  So when they announced him co-winner (you cannot beat a 5 year old lad doing Riverdance,  you just cannot.) He looked at me and nodded. I think he has been reading The Secret.

And after all the concern about Harry, turns out he did not even watch the Talent Quest. He was too busy doing his impersonation of a Cronulla Race Rioter in the playground.

My House Smells Like a Kitty Litter Tray.

Toilet training Eloise and Derelicmyballs has proven harder than first thought. But they are only solids and are sleeping through the night at least. And the whole thing has reminded me that my IUD needs to be replaced.

I pushed myself kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone. Which is writing in my tracksuit pants.

I was asked to appear on Mix 106.5 3pm Pick Up with Chrissie and Yumi to talk about crap ass parenting and my eBook. And when I say appear, I mean speak. On the phone. In my trackies. So it sounded a lot more special than it actually was.  The producer called me just before to remind me that there should be no swearing. AS IF!………… motherfucker

And just to make sure I was totally media whoring,  I appeared in a FAUXmercial for Pantene.  And stupid voice over lady….. we come from it is pronounced panTEEN not Panten. So I swished my hair around for a bit and finished with a shot of my face. Complete with a wodge of food in my top incisor. Check it out.

Yes I know. It is called dental floss. It just confirms my theory that I have a face for radio. Or at the very
least, blogging.