How to save $4368 a year!

I was gifted the Saeco for review purposes.
If you do not like reading reviews you are in the wrong spot today.
All opinions are my own, and are as always spot on.
If it is shit, I will be sure to tell you!

Like many mums,  I am partial to the occasional coffee. But I did not always drink coffee.  It my addiction started when I was about 21 and staying with my Wicked Step Mother’s Aunty in Holland.  I was sleeping on the top floor of her house and was woken each morning my the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I called me by my first name and saw me descend to the kitchen quick smart.  It was often accompanied my bread with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast.  They were good days.

So living in Sydney now,  it is fair to say I am a coffee snob. Mr Woog fetches me one every morning from the cafe at 7am and after I drop the Woogettes to school, I swing by the same cafe for another hit.

When I was contacted by Phillips to review the new Saeco Italian Machine I hesitated a bit.  We have had several coffee machines over the years and they have all been taken to Vinnie’s or shat their pants.  But this one looked a little different. More professional and sturdy. And it cleaned itself. The Divine Ms M started to point out how how much money we spent on takeaway coffee’s.

Did you know between Mr Woog and myself we drink 4 takeaway coffees a day? Did you know that adds up to $4368 a year? Before tax!

Did you know that? Neither did I.

So yes, thanks very much Philips. I will review your machine.

It is no secret I am frightened of anything that has buttons and lights and instructions.  So I sat Dr Woog down (my father in law) with the instructions and asked him to set it up. ( I know. He wears braces. Adorable!)

After a minute he told me you just plug it in. There was nothing really to set up.

And to be honest he was quite right. So I made a little one handed film about how to make a cappuccino using the Phillips Saeco.

So now we make our own coffee thanks to the Saeco.  And I am now encouraging Mr Woog to spend the 12 minutes he used to spend travelling to the cafe,  waiting and coming home again, in making me my breakfast and delivering it to me in bed.

For more information about the Phillips Saeco Range, please click here.

When it comes to you, how do YOU brew?
 And what am I going to do with an extra $4368?