The Last 5 Things I Bought.

I can admit it.  I am a nosy cow when it comes to peeping into people’s lives when it comes to reading blogs.  And posts that always suck me in are ones that proclaim or herald things like What is In My FridgeCheck out what turned up in the mail today! as well as Stuff that I bought.

So I thought I would share with you the last 5 things that I have bought.

Witchery shoes, Equp necklace, Target striped maxi skirt, Orange Cushion x 2, Silver and Blue earrings.

All items lovingly chosen for no other reason than I loved them.  So that has been the results of a few days let loose in a shopping centre the second my Visa Card got paid off. When I read other’s posts about these type of retail binges I AWAYS adore them.  I like sneaking a peek into other people’s styles. Even ones that are fucked up.
But then I realised I could not post this as the Last 5 Things I bought.  I would be living a lie.  So as far as an honest look into my life and the last 5 Things I Bought, I give you…..

An organic sausage roll is still a sausage roll.

To go with these……

And finally something for the G-Pigs
So tell me. 
What REALLY are the last 5 things you bought?