A Modern Day Dilemma

It takes a special 5 year old to put his hand up and compete in the school talent quest.  It is being held today in the school hall at lunchtime. Jack did not hesitate when it came to register.  It was just a matter of which song to do his ballet routine to. And of course what he should wear.

He has decided on Chopin’s Nocturne Op9, N.2 in E Flat which I am sure will get them rocking in the isles. He has been practicing every morning and night and has added some new and exciting moved to his routine.  Moves such as the splits, some Zoolander type poses and a mega spin where he basically knocks himself out at the end.

And then there is what to wear. And this is the part that gets a bit confusing for me. Dilemma! We have always let Jack wear what he wants to,  which is mainly pink dresses and fairy outfits. So he was all set to wear this during his performance today.

Which I have no problem with.

But Harry has a problem with it.

Harry is in Year 2 and is keenly aware of being cool. And he thinks that Jack wearing this is a one way ticket to Bullysville. Oh don’t get me wrong.  He is not worried about Jack being bullied. He is more concerned with himself.

I totally see where he is coming from. I remember being 7 myself. But it does present a bit of an issue.

I have a few hours before show time……..

I bet Michelle Duggar does not have figure this shit out.