Mrs Woog helps you sail through summer, European Style!

One of the advantages of finding yourself flat on your back for 3 days is that you get to stop and experience things that otherwise may have passed you by. Things like watching Kerri-Anne,  checking out the school newsletters and reading the huge pile of mail that sits next to the microwave.

In the huge pile of mail sitting next to the microwave,  there were several EziBuy catalogues. I get the EziBuy catalogues as I once ordered the boys some doona covers from a friends catalogue several years back.  I do not get time to go through the catalogue very often. But yesterday I did. And with the onslaught of the party season just around the corner,  I thought I would share my picks with you. Specifically from the EUROPEAN COLLECTION.

When I think European,  I think wandering down the Champs Elysees, admiring the fountains of St Peter’s Square in Rome, marvelling in the sites of Amsterdam’s Red Light District or skulling pints of Tennents at a Norf London Pub.  And now you can feel the European mood wearing any of these stylish outfits, without having to fly to Europe to buy them.

I love this. It maybe my favourite. You think it is leopard print and then it surprises you by finishing with a cheeky zebra pattern.  Great for the school run.

This shiny blazer and blowdry combo will take you anywhere. Whoever said helmet hair was out is wrong, Tres European!

And when you are on your yacht and the deckhand shits you for not bringing your drink to you in a timely fashion,  this statement piece is perfect to express your annoyance.

End of year class catch up BBQ’s at the local park with a billion flies and a warm flagon of cask wine can sometimes do with a touch on class.

I like this outfit for those quiet moments that you can snatch throughout the day to just stop and ponder.

Colour? Frills? Embellishment? Lebanese Restaurant Belly Dancer?

And for when the party is over and you run into your pissed neighbours from next door,  nothing says “I hate you, you prick, for keeping me up all night with your drunken mates and barking dogs and unregistered cars doing burnouts at midnight outside my house…” like a snarl and a statement shirt.

You know there are those times……. those times when you have to have a colonoscopy and you just cannot decide what to wear to the appointment? TA-DA!

And finally. Ever been caught out with nothing to wear when you appear as an extra in a supermarket for an episode of The Bold and The Beautiful? This navy taffeta dress with matching bolero will take your character everywhere. Even when you dream sequence shag your half brother Ridge after your sex change operation.
Which outfit floats your boat?
Do YOU buy from EziBuy? DO YOU?