Riddle me this……

I used to have a neighbour called Liz. She had just had a new baby,  a little boy called Lewis, around the same time Jazz Hands Jack exploded onto the scene.  She also had a toddler, as did I, so we naturally bonded over babies, booze and bugaboos. We used to sit in her backyard and drink gin and bitch about being married and the life we used to have.

She once helped me get rid of nits. My nits. She is a good friend like that. Fair bit of gin that afternoon.

Then she moved to New Zealand and bought a mansion for the same price you could buy a garage for in Sydney. I miss her. She was fun. I now call her Lez.

From time to time she emails me stuff,  and the latest were a collection of items. At first glance,  you may thing that they are something you may purchase at the Sex Shop, but they are far from it.  And if you can tell me what they all are,  I will shout you a gin and tonic.  You just have to thank me with a Kiwi Accent.




Have a go!
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