I did the last few days of Ocsober and then extended it for as long as I could.  Which turned out to be 5 days. Quite a feat around these parts!  And as a result of my abstinence,  I was rewarded with a weeks worth of the worst nights sleep ever and towards the end of it I started getting sick.  You know the blocked ears, itchy throat and sore sinuss. (sinuses?) The plural of sinus.

Then the day of my 20 year school reunion arrived and I had succumbed to my illness well and truly.  I flagged my condition with my friend Mrs Finlay via text message and promptly got the following back

“You are coming. I don’t give a rats ass if you are sick.”

Mrs Finlay loves a party. She deserves a night out. She has 3 kids under 5 including baby Rosie who is 3 months old.  Hubby watched her stockpile breast milk in the freezer all week and asked her how long she intended to go out for.  She also organised a little pre-drinks at her house.  I had to go.
I did a little research about medication and alcohol and did some equations about what I could take without rendering me a stuttering gorm should I decide to partake in a glass or bottle of champagne.
So I was feeling a little better when the transport arrived to take us to the venue. As I said, Mrs Finlay loves a party and she loves a statement arrival.
The reunion was held at the Fire House Hotel in North Sydney.  This particular venue opened a few years ago and was really cool and was known to knock back folk of my era due to our apparent ancientness.  To see it empty now and hosting 20 Year School Reunions was a delightful ironic twist.
It was great to walk into a room full of old mates. Some had really not changed a day.  I do not know why or how that worked,  but I want in….. but the train has left that station.  All I can advise is WEAR SUNSCREEN PEOPLE. FOR GOD SAKE GO AND PUT SOME ON RIGHT NOW!  And those dorky green hats that were not mandatory at the time saved many of my fellow classmates complexions.
One girl had such beautiful skin,  I kept prodding her saying “You have so had botox… don’t lie to me!”  and she kept insisting she had not. “Yeah…… right….. Just tell me…..” But later on reflection I do recall her at school with a hat attached to her head permanently. SUNSCREEN PEOPLE!
I was feeling totally fine! Fabulous if I may say so.  And when that venue closed we went onto another,  then another until I decided to call it a night.  Or a morning.  Or whatever it was. I got the key in the door with no issues,  took my makeup off and fell into a deep sleep. 
For an hour and half. Then the Woogettes woke me up. My eyes opened and for one split second I smiled,  remembering what a fun night we had.  And then my sickness off death tapped me on the shoulder and has used me as a host body for the entire day. 
“Mrs Woog! You should have listened to your body and not Mrs Findlay!  And as punishment I am going to render you useless for the entire day!”

So I am back to bed now.  
Just popped in to say I survived my reunion.  
But now I am shattered.  
And I have just discovered I am not the only one!