Shit you will not want to re-gift.

When the radio told me yesterday that there was only 26 days until Christmas, I screamed at it. “NO YOU ARE WRONG!” But then I looked around me.  I was driving around and around the carpark at Chatswood trying desperately to get a park. But there were no parks.  The panic has set in people. It is here.

I came home and vowed that would be the last time I tried to go to a shopping centre this year. Over the last few weeks I have been compiling a list of Christmas Gifts guaranteed not to make you gag. Or re gift. A few things I have been sent,  but mainly they are things I have discovered. I have also tried to find the lowest price available on the net.

I should go and work for one of those companies that flog stuff on the Morning Show. I would have said Kerri Anne but she got to old for television. Apparently.

But I love a good gift guide and I hope you love mine. Things will be added over the next week. And if you have found something you love online, feel free to email me before Friday at

Shopping Centres?
Shut that shit down and come a clicking with me!

Loving these glass drinking bottles from Life Factory sick. Instead of swigging on plastic tasting water, give a funky flask. Each glass bottle is wrapped in silicone so it does not smash and has a wide mouth so you can ad ice. I love these and know I few friends that would love one too. Want the cheapest price on offer? Click here.
I first discovered The Little White T-Shirt Company when I was sent a selection of garments as a gift.  I gave a few away to some friends and my Mum,  who has since become addicted to the soft-as-silk Bamboo range. She is ordering them for all her sisters for Xmas! My pick? I am drooling after this one-size-fits all floaty Kaftan. Chuck it on over your swimmers or add layers of silver jewellery and head out to dinner, Either way it is HOT. Buy it for me HERE.

I love orange so much I now classify it as a neutral. And I LOVE this Swatch Watch. Don’t you? It is hot and great for summer. Give it to someone in your family who likes to stand out. They call this colour Fresh Papaya. Delish! Click here.

E-readers are all the rage and Mr Woog wants in. He likes the thought of browsing for books (probably while sitting on the toilet) choosing a title and reading it without moving. That man LOVES reading. When I first met him he was working in a bookstore.  But that is a story for another day. This eReader is from Sony. It is super lightweight and is as close as a reading a real book as you can get on a screen. Please note the real books look much better than the mock up of my soon to be released Style Guide. Click here for info and to order.

Harry (7) has been nagging me about Hot Wheels Wall Tracks and so, being such a wonderful mother that I am, I did a little investigating. It is a Hot Wheels Track that hangs on the wall! Which to me is a total bonus as you do not need to tread on sharp bits of plastic or nag the kids to pack it away! Total genius. This one is a given and will make me mega-popular. It took a long time to find a site that had stock, but eventually I did. You are welcome! Click Here.
Divine travel accessories from Groomy. Cute, retro, practical and free shipping. This set will have you covered with pouches, containers and sections for everything.

 Benefit Cosmetics always do fabulous and economical gift kits around this time of your,  and this one is my pick. I’m Glam therefore I Am is everything you need on one box. Pretty Summer colours and the amazing Illuminator Girl Meets Pearl will have you looking as fresh as fast as you can say “Make mine a Mohito!” You will get change from $70 and make one of your loved ones a very happy camper. Click to order here

No you dirty minded wench! This is not one of those. This is the new Vidal Sassoon Big Hair Styler which gives you really, really big hair! And goddam it,  I want me some big hair! In our family we do Kris Kringle which is necessary due to the fact there are 24 of us. (that is just my side). I got drawn by my sister Ms Lawyers Husband Geoff the Geography Teacher and I have already sent him and his hairy arms the link. It is as good as mine! Click here for more info and to order. This was the cheapest on offer from the net.


The easiest entertaining cookbook you will ever own? Really? More easy than a takeaway menu? I do declare I got sent this from the publishers and it is delicious. Each recipe really has only 4 ingredients, while some have less. Now I would consider buying this for someone in your family who is a crappy cook,  then that will give them a whole year to prepare Christmas Feast 2012. You are welcome! Click here.
I admit I am a late starter when it comes to the Burt’s Bees range, having only discovered it this year. But it has gotten me all worked up into a creamy, moisturised lather! This little gift pack is called Fruits of Nature and a perfect choice for your kid’s teacher or someone you quite like. For less than $20? Sheesh! Click here for info and ordering.

I remember a few years ago when my Dad gave us all electric toothbrushes for Christmas. Just letting you know. But I would have been much happier with this little number. The UltraSonic Cleansing Brush is new in Australia and claims….. 

This technology works with the natural elasticity of the skin to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate. This will ‘unclog’ your pores, your skin texture will improve, giving you a youthful glow.Your serums and moisturisers will be more effective too, because when they are applied to a clean palette they can sink right down to the deep layers and do their job!
Yadda yadda Gimme. Click here.
Giving someone a box of chocolates for Christmas is quite simply lame. And Lazy. But this box of chocolates are faboosh! Here is Mineral Makeup Queen Jane Iredale’s tasty take on a lip palette cutely named Chocoholicks! See what they did there? With the words? Get glossy chocolaty lips in this sweet set that comes with it’s own little retractable brush. Click here to make yourself very popular with someone this Christmas!
Ok so something for the kids. We bought one of these a few years back and it always gets dragged out on hot days.  The Slip n Slide Triple racer is the PERFECT pressie for your nephews and nieces. So simple to set up,  connect a hose and go! And it allows you much time on Christmas Day to get pleasantly pissed which in turn will see you sliding down it as well. Cheapest price on the net? Click here.
Out of everything in our house,  our replica George Nelson Ball Clock always gets the most comments. People either love it or hate it. I LOVE it and think it would be a great gift for a groovy person in your life. Prices vary greatly on the net, but at Milan Direct is is half the price of others and is available in a variety of colours. Click here cool cats.
In the interest of all things disclosury, The Woogettes were sent this to try. Problem is I think we are the only family in the world without a gaming consol. When it arrived the kids knew all about it and went down the street to a friend’s house,  a friend who has a Wii. I have not really seen them since. They LOVE it! Click Here for more info and where to purchase online.
Talk about house porn! I could go just about anything at the Table Tonic online store,  but in particular I am loving these yellow silk ikat cushions. Perfect for my front verandah. If you are an interiors addict or know someone who is,  Click Here and drool.

 It was a big hit for Father’s Day in our house. It sits on my Dad’s desk at his work. He sharpens pencils during meetings. Now you can Click Here and spoil someone YOU love!

Feeling creative? Want a more personalised gift? Shoot over to and have fun creating your own Keep Calm poster. You can write anything, change the colours and add your own image. Once you have had your fun, save your finished poster then head over to Cafe Press and select your gifts you wish to personalise.  This is fun. And Cheap. Trust me!
Kerri is one of Australia’s funniest writers hands down. I mean most people only thinks the things she says. Actually,  most people probably would not even think it! When My Husband Does the Dishes dishes out marriage secrets in the style K-Sak is famous for. Click here.

Did you know that Vodka O is made in Australia, has been distilled 4 times and contains NO impurities? That is why it is my Vodka of choice. And it is cheaper than the imports.  And it is WAY better! Buy a bottle for a mate and add a bottle for yourself. Click here.

Come back and check in over the next week for more gift ideas.
Which of these tickle YOUR fancy?