The Tale of Eloise & Derelicmyballs

Taking photos of kittens is hard. I do not know how Anne Geddes does it.

My divine friend The Divine Ms M has the softest heart of anyone I know. She is a total sucker for the underdog, the person sitting by themselves at a party and is one of the most generous people I know. She talks me into all sorts of things. Oh the things I have done! I could start a blog!

On Tuesday, she calls me from Muswellbrook where she has been filming a story for morning television. A bit like Bridget Jones you could say. Actually a lot like Bridget Jones…. But anyway the conversation went something like this …..

“Darling there is a box of kittens here and they have no home and they are going to go to a shelter and I do not want to leave them as they are so tiny but there is no way that Carol will be able to cope with them at my place and we have to leave now and it is so friggin hot and I do not know what to dooooooooo……” or something like that.

I just heard box of kittens.

Box of Kittens.

“Bring me the box of kittens.” I instructed her. “We will sort something out.”

The DMM arrived a few hours later with a box of kittens. Not before she texted me every 5 minutes or so from the road to keep me informed about how cute these two kittens were. My boys came home and proceeded to shit kittens with excitement when they heard the news that we would be foster parents for a while. I did not tell Mr Woog. I just did not see the need to upset anyone. Maybe he would not notice?

The DMM was reluctant to leave her new Project Save. But she has a toddler who is VERY MUCH LIKING TO SQUEEZE KITTENS and then there is Carol.

Carol does not like kittens.

Carol moved in with the DMM when he realised the level of luxury and care was far superior at her place rather that with his own family a few doors up the street. He has been living with her for years and they even had a little ceremony to hand over the papers. He had a different name back then. He was known as Jeter, named after the New York Yankees Baseball star Derek Jeter. Yes his family were merkins.

My own cat Chuy (named after Chelsea Handler’s assistant Chuy Bravo) took one look at those kittens and pissed off to a place far, far away.

I asked the kids what we should call them. Jack said Eloise without even a split second of hesitation and Harry wanted to call the baby boy Feisty. But someone on twitter had suggested Derek which I liked and then that became Derelicmyballs which I liked even better.

I have been following a strict sleep, feed, play cycle and although we are nowhere near getting into a routine, they are adapting beautifully. Turn out Mr Woog was not bothered by the new arrivals and actually make a lame little joke about them looking like tiger cubs. Which I laughed at as I was trying to be nice.

We took them into school today to do some showing off and we bumped into one of the Primary teachers who had lost his cat to cancer. I carefully watched him pick up Derelicmyballs and fall instantly in love. I told him they came as a set and he thought about it for a second before agreeing to take both.

“Hang on….” I thought to myself. “I do not know anything about you!” So then I asked a million questions and came away fully satisfied that my fur babies had found a new family. I am keeping them for a week or so to continue hand feeding them until they are strong enough to … leave me………

I just hope they get to keep their names.

My bloggy friend Sarah has been fostering kittens for a while.
Click here to read about her experiences. I am dead keen to start doing it as well.