Wine Time with Mrs Woog!

Gloriously sponsored by Nuffnang
When I was asked to write a sponsored post about drinking wine I agreed quickly. And then waited to wake up. But it was not a dream. It was real and as far as my memory serves, it is indeed the best gig I have ever had.

It is not a secret that I love a cold glass of wine on occasion. It soothes the soul and makes mothering a little easier at times. But I have to admit to being a bit of a wine snob in the sense that I follow wine trends and drink accordingly. For example I drank Riesling until it became passé and then I drank Chardonnay until it became passé then I drank Verdello for a mini second before it became passé. So naturally my choice now is a good Sauvignon Blanc which will no doubt become passé very soon and then I will go back to Riesling.

Or will I?

I was sent some Riccadonna Allegra to taste. Allegra is the new Italian Sparking Wine that promises not to be as sweet as the other varieties in the Riccadonna Range. It seemed fitting that I share a bottle with my bloggy friend and fellow wine lover Nikki Parkinson over dinner.

Well we made VERY short work of that bottle of Allegra and I am not ashamed to say we stuck the other one in the freezer. What?? We were researching! Very thoroughly!

We both declared it to be delicious! It was a good summer drink. Light and refreshing with little bubbles which I prefer. It went perfectly with a meal that I carefully prepared from the containers from my local deli.

I spoke to my Mum a few days later and told her about my assignment. I come from a long line of wine aficionados. We talked about how wine has changed. Back in her day, Mum drank Blue Nun, Black Tower, Palfrey Pearl and Sparkling Star Wine. If you were on a date and your suitor bought you a bottle of Mateus Rose, then he was someone you went out with again as that was extremely posh. And if you were feeling fully fancy, you would drink Ben Ean Moselle and keep the bottle to use as a candle holder. I told her about this new sparkling Italian wine and she too was keen to help in my “research.” Funny that!

I have every intention of drinking some more Allegra over the summer season. It will be featured on the Woog Christmas Lunch table for sure! And you can try it for free (if you are lucky) by scooting over to the Riccadonna Allegra Facebook Page. Go on! Scoot!

My tip? Put it in the freezer for 20 minutes before you plan to drink it and serve it with some antipasto so you can feel fully Italian.

When it comes to summer drinkies, what’s your favourite tipple?