2011 was so last season…..

Third last day of the year and I cannot wait for 2012. I have spent this post Christmas week in a mad frenzy cleanathon which has seen many an old and neglected toy snuck past the Woogettes in garbage bags and stacked nicely next to the front door destined for St Vinnies.


Which is all very well and good until one of them walk past the bags and the bags start making noises such as BEWARE THE DECEPTACON and there is an outcry from them saying that it is their favourite toy in the world and it can not possibly be donated. Then I point out that I found it behind the washing machine that had not been moved in two years. And every time the washing machine got to the SPIN cycle there it was…..


And then I felt like an evil cow……


But then I remembered this son of a bitch and the DECEPTACON went.




These past few days have given me time to reflect on what has been going on and what I have to look forward to. Goals for 2012 include:


Make sure the kids go to school with undies on EVERYDAY

Getting a pap smear without cracking jokes throughout the whole procedure

Foster more kittens. Try not to cry so much when I hand them over to their new owners.

Making my marriage work at least until March so we can go to Bali and renew our vows as it would have been ten years of the Official Woog partnership. Convince Mr Woog that renewing vows is not just for old people and bogans.

Own up to the fact that I own a pair of jeggings and they are awesome.

Getting to 1 Million pageviews on this little blog of mine that are not just my Mum pressing the refresh button ten times a day to watch the stats go up. She does this. She told me at Christmas.

Getting to New York Blogher so I can dance on the stage again.

Getting someone to pay me to go to New York Blogher so I can dance on the stage again wearing a t-shirt with your logo on it.

Continue my work with Nuffnang so it can fund my slovenly existence and avoid having to go back to a real job.

Read the school newsletters and mark important events on the calendar.

Avoid picking my face in the magnifying mirror. Throw the fucking mirror in the bin at some point.

Write, write and write some more.

Write to Channel Ten and ask them why they always change to time and day that they put GLEE on.

Write to the council and and congratulate them on procuring over $500 in parking fines from me in 2011. Send it with a bag of dog shit.

Write a few blog posts that do not have spelling and grammatical errors, for a change.

Learn how to deal with trolls by not getting into slanging matches. Learn how to use the DELETE button (and grow a thicker skin – but not on my heels)

Stop buying stupid stuff from the Internet that I do not need.

Make my kids a Birthday Cake for reals and stop telling everyone I made the birthday cake when I actually bought it.

Take a risk.  But not a physical one.

Stop ending every blog post with a bloody question.

Do you have goals in place for 2012?
What are they?