A Clear Case of Christmas Herpes

In the week leading up to Christmas I was a maniac with so much to do. Then a few days spent with family eating, drinking and staying up too late has left me feeling,  well shall we say less than fresh and a little battle scarred. From tomorrow I shall be on a diet of organic kelp and beetroot juice but until then I have discovered three things that have been fairly life changing this week which I thought I would share.

None are glamorous.

Bioglo Heel Mask

My mate The Divine Ms M puts a lot of thought into her gifts and this year she gave me a set of Bioglo Heel Masks. Ok, so going back years and years,  I have the unenviable talent of growing super skin on the soles of my feet,  my heels in particular.  This skin offends the Divine Ms M and she has sat next to me many times at the Nail Place where she watches in horror as Vivienne SHAVES MY FEET like the freak that I am. There is always a joke about corn flakes and she does pretend dry retching.

Over the years she has made it her mission to track down products that may assist me to slow down epidermal production on my heels. And after a few days of wearing Bioglo Heel Masks for an hour each evening, I can see a huge difference and am enjoying the benefit of not having to go up a shoe size in certain styles. Like ballet flats. Havianas are ok.

PLUS I have something to wear if I need to go to an Eighties Party.


I was fishing around the interwebs to try and find an image for De-Gas which is a tablet you take when you are feeling bloaty and full and uncomfortable.  What it does is collect all of the little bubbles floating around in your intestines that are making you feel foul after hoovering too much Christmas Lunch and form it into one big bubble which then exits your body in either a northerly or southerly fashion.

But I could only find pictures like this…..
You can get De-gas at the chemist.

Compeed Cold Sore Patches

Nothing says “Season’s Greetings” like a herpes outbreak,  or in my particular case, a nasty little bastard called Herpes Simplex Virus 1 which I first contracted 25 years ago when me and Millie but baby oil on our faces and lay on the room of her parents house for a day. To get brown…. or as it turned out 3rd degree burns.

You may know it as a cold sore.

So last week,  I felt a tingle and whacked on a cold sore patch which has worked a treat.  And between them and the Nicorette Patches,  I am like a walking adhesive.

So as we head towards the end of the year,  I am just thankful that we are not inflicted with another gross condition that occurred in Bali.  It would appear I am on the brink of falling apart.

I did warn you that this was not going to be your Joe-Average beauty post about lip glosses and mineral powder, didn’t I?

Share your gross beauty tip or find,  so that I need not suffer from further ailments.