Come and meet Barry, our neighbourhood Manly Man

Barry lives across the street and he is a manly man. He owns a rubbish removal business and is super tough. Very un-North Shore type. Most men in our street are suit wearing accountants who get the train into the city each day.

A few months ago, I was walking home after dinner with some friends. It would have been about 10.30pm. As I walked past his house, Barry emerged with a baseball bat and his dog. He was about to get in his car when I asked him “Where are you off to Barry?” Barry was off to sort some shit out. Barry is a manly man.

Barry is a good person to know. He can fix stuff. He is not scared of anything.

Barry came in handy this week for us Woogs. It happened on Thursday. I was working away in my Lady Room when I heard a scratching coming from inside the chimney. I immediately thought a massive snake was coming down the chimney to eat me. So I fled to the kitchen. Later I found Chuy sitting at the bottom of the chimney mesmerised. And so I took out my camera to take a photo when he pounced. Up the chimney.

So I screamed and fled to the kitchen.

Chuy came out looking very pissed off and ripped off. Mr Woog arrived home from work and I told him there was a creature up the chimney and he needed to put his hand up there and pull it out. Mr Woog said that there was not way he was going to do that.  He gingerly stuck his head near the chimney and declared whatever was there was now gone.

Then a bird squawked.

And I knew exactly who we were dealing with. Fucking pervy George. Please click here for the backstory.

Mr Woog kind of had a bit of a tanty at this point saying that he did not want to deal with this particular situation. I pointed out to him that if George died in there it would stink the house out. Plus I would feel bad. We toyed with the idea of getting Chuy to grab him and then we would extract George from his mouth,  but that seemed a bit risky.
We stood out the front arguing for a bit when Barry came sauntering down the street. Barry asked what was  wrong and I told him what was wrong was that I married a super loser about ten years ago who was afraid of a bird in a chimney.
Barry went into the Lady Room stuck his hand up the chimney and pulled George out.
Barry’s manly man hands holding George the Pervert. Mr Woog’s girly arm in the background.
The best bit was when Barry called Mr Woog every derogatory name under the sun. Every street needs a Barry. Man of all manly men. But do not fuck with him. He knows people.
Is your man a Manly Man or a Girly Boy?