Holiday Behaviours

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This time last year I was on the countdown to my Eat-Pray-Loveqsue 2 months in Bali escape. That was a good summer. I recall it fondly and often as I mop the bathroom floors and cut cheese sandwiches. This year, due to an ongoing Woogonomical Crisis, we are still getting on a plane but will be holidaying much closer to home and for a considerably shorter period.

But a girl can dream right? I have convinced myself that not all West African Banks can be liars and at some point I will get $11 million dollars deposited straight into my bank account and when that happens, it will be a Hawaiian Holiday for this little black duck!

You see, I have to get away. I am not one who can holiday at home. Sure I end up doing washing and stuff in a new environment, but you have an excuse to drink 2 glasses of wine with lunch everyday if you so choose. Because you are ON HOLIDAYS. If you did that at home, you would simply have a drinking problem. But you can do it when you are away without raising any eyebrows.

Also there is the issue of Coco Pops. You cannot have them at home because you would be a bad parent. But once you are ON HOLIDAYS not only can you eat Coco Pops, but you can have a croissant afterwards if you feel like it.

Other things I can do on holidays away and not at home:

• Skip the kids’ nightly bath because we are on holidays.
• Not feed all the animals because we are paying someone else to do it, because we are on holidays.
• Not return any phone calls and leave a new voicemail message saying, we cannot take your call because we are on holidays.
• Have hanky panky in the middle of the day on a Tuesday because we are on holidays.
• Eat hot chips every day because calories do not count when you are on holidays.
• Wear thongs and sarongs because you are on holidays.
• Lose all the kids’ Target rashies and have to buy expensive new ones from the local surf shop because you do not want them to get burnt while you are on holidays.
• Read discount Australian magazines all day with a cocktail in hand!

Do your behaviours change when you are on holidays?
What do you do differently?

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