I re-wrote The 12 Days of Christmas.

Bonds are currently running an ad on television at the moment that is killing me. It seems that it is on in every ad break. They run it for ten seconds,  then you get an ad for life insurance or KFC, and then it comes back on for ten seconds. And when you think it is done for the ad break, it pops it’s nasty head back up for a bit more.

I swore to Mr Woog that one pair of Bonds apparel will be binned every time I see it between now and Boxing Day. Here it is in full.

I have now re-written the words for Nick Cave to sing once he has put his orchy bong down. I think my version is better.

Mrs Woog writes the 12 Days of Christmas.

12 vats of vino
11 forgotten lunchboxes
10 bad PR pitches
9 snarky emails
8 fights with hubby
7 trips to Westfield
6 late appointments
5 Sponsored Pooooooosts
4 Nurofen
3 Christmas Concerts
2 school reports
And a mer – kin in a Christmas Tree