Married to the Hyperactive Man

Look carefully. Can you spy the hyperactive man?

I am married to a hyperactive man. Some ways in which he is hyperactive include;

The Inability to sit still.

There is always something that needs to be done. Mind you none of these things are particularly useful to me, like unpacking the dishwasher or folding clothes. But he a great one for sweeping verandahs or tinkering in his Man Cave. If he does happen to sit still for a few moments, he falls asleep. It is like he has narcolepsy with strong mania rising.

The Inability to sleep in.

He gets up at a sparrows fart and is off. Gone surfing or riding or something. But when he comes home he often bares coffee, or yesterday he surprised me with these.

Which I then had to cut all the orangy bits off in case Chuy sniffs it and dies.

Once he has arrived home from his morning activity, he takes the Woogettes out to the bike park or the pool or to Bunnings, where he will pick up something to bring home and tinker with.

The inability to desist sex nagging.

I do not think I need to go into that one.

The inability to stop checking our bank balance online.

He has a slight heart attack when he logs in each morning because I have an inability to stop spending money.

Yesterday he did the following.

1. Went for a surf

2. Mowed the lawns

3. Took a car load of stuff to Vinnies

4. Baked a cake

5. Went to the Gym

6. Took the Woogettes to the park

7. Went to the hardware shop

8. Replumbed the washing machine into a different spot

9. Replaced a spark plug

10. Took stuff to the tip

11. Sex nagged unsuccessfully

12. Had a sleep

13. Pruned all of his roses

14. Swept all the verandahs in the manner of someone suffering from severe OCD

And that was all before lunchtime.

The man in a machine. Sometimes (all the time really) I wonder what we have in common. I am a great one for relaxing. I adore it. Next week we are going to go away for a week of relaxing and I am fairly sure Mr Woog might go insane. Hopefully there is a Bunnings on the Sunshine Coast that he can visit.

Are you married to a hyperactive man?